June 10-13, 2014 | GAME OF THRONES

In honor of the upcoming season finale of HBO’s Game of Thrones (as well as complete boredom).

Great Houses of Westeros


Flat icons of the different house sigils.

All of these were based on previous artworks done by other fans and/or HBO for the show.

The original artworks can be found here:

Targaryen | Baratheon | Lannister | Stark | Martell | TyrellGreyjoy | Arryn | Tully

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Classical_Cover Modern_Cover


Created my own renditions of J.D. Salinger’s novel, The Catcher in the Rye for a Typography class.

We were made to revise the entire design of the novel – cover and body layout.

Complete project here:

Catcher In The Rye – Classic Catcher In The Rye – Modern

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Strategic Decision Management

Strategic Decision Management

Infographic (or maybe just an online story book…) on what SDM is and what it does.

WEEK 13: FEBRUARY 10 – 16 | ParaThrillaInManila2

Ended a week of stress from school and life in general with my favorite band and my favorite vocalist.


Hayley Williams

Reminded me of why I loved Paramore in the first place.

Some things you just don’t let go of. 🙂

Original photo by Yogi Catabijan: http://sphotos-a.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/19607_10151720585636038_1111751594_n.jpg

– February 15-16 –

Week 12: February 3 – 9 | Personal Logo

Early but who cares I’ve been late.

Designed a logo for myself with, as my friend calls it, “collaterals.”

I really wanna do this for a living. HAHA.

– January 2013 –

Week 9: December 17 – 23 | Vectors

Spiderman Vector

Spiderman Vector

Holga Vector

Holga Vector

Hayley Williams Vector Art

Hayley Williams Vector Art

Batman Vector

Batman Vector

Got my inspiration while I was playing Icons Pop Quiz, though only the holga picture remained faithful to that. More of vectorizing images than creating new ones.

Original photos can be viewed in the photo description.

– December 18-20, 2012 –


Week 7: Dec. 3 – 9 | Rebrand Set 1

Week 7: Dec. 3 - 9 | Rebrand Set 1

Busy week so wasn’t able to make so much.

Attempt at creating/revising logos of brands that are around me. Nothing compared to the inspiration from which I got the idea from, but what the heck.

– December 9, 2012 –

Week 6: Nov 26 – Dec 2 | Multi-Polar

Week 6: Nov 26 - Dec 2 | Multi-Polar

My own rendition on how bi(multi)-polarity works. Having one default emotion while keeping a number locked underneathe – threatening to just blow up.

First real attempt at properly coloring using photoshop, therefore the before & after picture. Graphic vs Traditional.

– November 30, 2012 –

Week 5: Nov 19-25 | Coat-of-Arms

Week 5: Nov 19-25 | Coat-of-Arms

Bored and made a family crest/coat-of-arms.

Koi + 10 stars + king queen.

– November 2012 –